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Are you a landowner with a site prime for advertising?

If you're a landowner looking for a new revenue stream, we have a great solution. Fiberdyne is looking for sites to place our unique electronic billboards. Give us a call or e-mail today. Our staff is on hand and ready to answer all your questions. We will determine if your property is suitable for a Fiberdyne Electronic Billboard. If your property is zoned commercial or industrial there is definite potential! We will analyze the advertising appeal, local and state sign codes, and your revenue potential. In our model you have no worries or concerns, other than collecting revenue. Call today!
Want to sell your land? We are always looking for prime sites for purchase or lease. Call Today!

Already leasing space for fixed billboards?

If you are already renting or leasing space for fixed billboards and not satisfied with the revenue generated, please give us a call and we can show you how leasing the space for a Fiberdyne Electronic billboard can optimize your revenue. Call Today!

Call us today (toll-free) at (800) 894-9694 or 315-895-8470. Please reference: Signage Real-Estate.